• Case Series of headless fully threaded screw (headless screw) fixation technique for odontoid fracture type II compared to headed partially threaded screw (headed screw) fixation technique.
    Dr. Kanniah Thuraikumar, Dr. Kwong-Lee Wan*, Dr. Sze Wei Lim.
    Vol Issue July-Dec 2019  [] DOI 10.13107/ijs.2019.v04i02.002
  • Result of Study Of Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF) Surgery
    Dr. Bhavesh R. Namsha, Dr. Udaygiri H. Meghnathi*, Dr. Bhavik K. Ahir
    Vol Issue July-Dec 2019  [] DOI 10.13107/ijs.2019.v04i02.003