• Headless fully threaded screw (headless screw) versus headed partially threaded screw (headed screw) fixation techniques for odontoid fracture type II- A Case Series
    Dr. Kanniah Thuraikumar, Dr. Kwong-Lee Wan, Dr. Sze Wei Lim
    Vol 4   Issue 2   July-Dec 2019    [] DOI 10.13107/ijs.2019.v04i02.002
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  • Management of thoracolumbar fractures in adults: Current algorithm
    Dr. Vibhu Krishnan Viswanathan, Dr. Rishi Mugesh Kanna
    Vol 4   Issue 2   July-Dec 2019    [] DOI 10.13107/ijs.2019.v04i02.003
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  • Result of Study Of Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF) Surgery
    Dr. Bhavesh R. Namsha, Dr. Udaygiri H. Meghnathi*, Dr. Bhavik K. Ahir
    Vol 4   Issue 2   July-Dec 2019    [] DOI 10.13107/ijs.2019.v04i02.004
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